• 2022/02/28 Mario Haryono

    Good day, I try to upgrade the firmware of Z18, from v4.03 to 5.02, when format I connect itu to usb 3.0 , and show 100% but in red, the show error message about highspeed port or something i forgot, so i tried one more time to format using usb 2.0 but it is only searching for long time and show error message timeout searching, am I brick the watch, do You have any tutorial to fix it? Thank You

    Wait 24 hours or more, the battery runs out, and then you can continue to upgrade.
  • 2022/02/10 Adam

    Hi, can you upload the Watch Helper app? The link (http://www.app2open.com/download) what my No.1 D5+ smartwatch drops is not contain the download link. Or is it any alternative app which one is working with my smartwatch on android? Please help!

    D5 + stopped selling
  • 2022/01/07 Mirza Muhasilović

    I have tried formatting and flashing my z18 using Flash tool from your site with firmware and ui upgrade and now my watch is completely dead! I just received it today! Do you have any suggestions?

    Re upgrade the firmware and long pressing the power key at the same time.
  • 2022/01/04 Khurshed

    Hello. After connect my watch to PC, the unformatted storage device on the computer appears. Suspected anything, I formatted the section, after which an accessible memory of 3.5 GB appeared. I copied several songs there, but the smart watch did not see the files.I decided to reboot the clock in the hope that audio files are rescanned. However, after rebooting, my clock has stopped working and require flashing. I downloaded the correct version for my model, but the programm does not work to the end. That is, I do everything according to the instructions that are inside the archive with the firmware, but only the "Music" folder is loaded when "Copy_to_U" starts. Folders "Res" and "Ring" are not loaded.Can you help me, please! Smartwatch model: Z18 Firmware: Z18_V4.xx_res-V1.01.34

    pls read the video https://www.app2open.com/download/showdownload.php?id=22
  • 2022/01/03 Will editor of watch faces be available and if yes when?

    As in theme.

    not release now
  • 2021/12/31 Stef

    Hi, friend! Should I install any app to connetct phone and Z18? Can you pls send me a link for app download. Thanks.

  • 2021/12/30 Maxim Laryushin

    Какой формат циферблатов z18

    At present, there is no open source
  • 2021/12/29 Yin QL