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  • 2023/02/05 Jose

    Hi, I brought D5+ smartwatch a couple years ago and i was working good, just battery don't pass than 6 hours working. I stopped wearing the D5+ for a year more or less and now i want to wear it but there is no support and i can't pair it with my phone, no wifi connection, it isn't working

  • 2023/02/01 zakaria bougdour

    fix the link of ui 1.01.36 of z18 my watch stuck in resource please fix that there are no support here why sell products without support it .i hope to fix everthing im really not satisfied

  • 2023/01/31 zakaria bougdour

    the link of z18 ui it doesnt work please change the link because my watch stock on use correct ui 1.01.36. i upgraded to 5.2 plase fix this problem i ca,'t use my watch

  • 2023/01/25 Regi

    Придурки которые здесь пишут всякую хуйню вы или научитесь пользоваться интернетом или идите нахуй!

  • 2023/01/21 Dev

    My watch saw me the no resource found since I was trying to download some songs on that

  • 2023/01/18 Waseem Ahmad

    no resource found please download! Device :BSW020 Ver:V1.02.14 Download

  • 2023/01/18 Bharani

    My smartwatch BSW020 virsion V1.02.14 the sensor is not working pls help me on that

  • 2023/01/13 WILTON

    I bought this product but nothing is working, no memory and can not install any display via my phone.